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  • DOL Raises Salary and Compensation Levels for White Collar Exemptions [more]
  • The Hotly Debated Hikes in Oregon Minimum Wage Rates will go into effect July 1st [more]
  • Transition Relief: IRS Releases a Notice Extending ACA-Reporting Deadlines [more
  • Oregon Enacts Mandatory Sick Leave Law [more]
  • New Law Requires Continuation of Group Health Coverage for Employees on Family Leave [more
  • Oregon Enacts State Wide "Ban the Box" Law [more]

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Member Spotlight: 

Founded in 2011, UEA Member Jacobsen Salt Co.is proud to be the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since Lewis and Clark.  Collected from the pristine waters of Netarts Bay, their flake and kosher sea salts have gained critical acclaim for their beautiful and pure taste, texture, and appearance, and are used by chefs and home cooks around the world.  Their classic and infused salts include local favorites Stumptown Coffee Salt, Smoked Ghost Chili Pepper Salt and White Truffle Salt.  To learn more, visit their website at http://jacobsensalt.com. 

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