Unemployment Cost Control

Previous Workforce Experience Affects Your Rates

Most employers pay the state $2 to $5 for every dollar paid out to a former employee whose unemployment claim is charged back to their account.  Managing every claim--and avoiding those that are unwarranted--is essential!

Unemployment is the only tax an employer can  substantially control by how it handles employee separations and claims management. The amount of 

unemployment tax paid by every employer depends on how claims are managed and controlled. 

UEA's partner, Employers Unity, can help member companies:

  • Understand the rules and basis for tax rates
  • Win disputed claims
  • Remove nonchargeable claims
  • Avoid and control claims
  • Understand workshare programs and their impact on tax rates
  • Reduce tax rates and taxes paid

Employers Unity will represent your company in all aspects of unemployment – from analyzing your tax statements to representing the company in an unemployment hearing.  

Employers Unity offers UEA members a significant discount on their comprehensive unemployment cost control services.  Employers Unity can design a unique program for your organization to help you reduce the company’s unemployment liability! 

Contact us for more information about this valuable program! You can also learn more about Employers Unity at www.employersunity.com.

Some of these services may be offered through UEA Inc., a subsidiary. 

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