Pre-Employment Screening

Are Your Screening Practices Compliant With the Changing Requirements?

There have been many changes in Employment Screening over the past several years. Employers are often scrutinized far beyond what they have been in the past.

Federal, State and now Local level regulations surrounding Employment Screening and Hiring practices have been added. These regulations can prove costly to an organization if they are not compliant.

Checking employment references and verifying previous employment is often a time consuming activity for an employer. To help member companies with this process, UEA has partnered with Asset Control, a well-established and respected information reporting organization. Their web-based screening system and Adverse Action Module is quick and fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Asset Control offers UEA members discounted rates!

UEA can help your organization develop a policy for checking applicants’ background information. Contact us for more information about this valuable program or visit Asset Control’s website at

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