Onsite Training

Are You Looking for On-site Training?

All of our workshops are available for customization and presentation at your company site.  If you have any special requests for topics or would like further information about on-site seminars, please let us know.  We work with a wide variety of trainers and can set up training to meet your needs.

Pricing for on-site workshops will differ from pricing of public offerings.

First Aid/CPR Training

Medic First Aid Mark V – This program meets the OSHA requirements for Washington and Oregon.  Taught in a relaxed manner with hands-on practice.  All classes include AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training.  On-site classes require a minimum of 10 attendees.

Harassment Prevention Training

Does your organization have a harassment policy?  When did the company last provide harassment prevention training?  A harassment policy, employee training, and an effective complaint procedure are defensive strategies all employers should adopt.  Together, these strategies can protect an employer in the event of a harassment claim.

UEA can help provide harassment prevention training to your employees on-site.  A UEA facilitator will engage your employees to promote a respectful, harassment-free workplace.  In addition to the ‘all employee’ session, UEA offers a harassment session designed for employees in a supervisory role. In this session, we highlight the supervisor’s important role in preventing harassment which includes recognizing behavior that constitutes harassment, enforcing the company’s harassment policy, understanding legal liability and responding to harassment complaints.

Supervision Training

New supervisors often have difficulty adjusting to their changing roles within the company.  They now represent the company’s management and must continuously work to improve processes and employee work styles in order to gain hours and meet customer needs.  Our Supervision Essentials training can help your supervisors adapt to their new responsibilities and emerge as leaders within your organization.

We can present single seminars or series of up to six parts—this training is completely customizable to your company’s needs.  Here are just a few of the topics we can cover:

  • The role of the supervisor
  • Planning, prioritizing, and delegating
  • Communicating effectively
  • Making good decisions
  • Performance management
  • Building productive teams

Train the Trainer

If your employees are not getting the on-the-job training they need, your customers will not get the service they deserve.  Perhaps it’s time to increase the skills of your trainers in our Train the Trainer course.  The class focuses on two main areas:  identifying and eliminating barriers to learning AND teaching a step-wise method that guarantees excellent training every time.

This course is a three-session series.  In Session 1, students will learn how to set up a training environment that assures learning.  In Session 2, they will discover how to deliver training consistently, in a manner that guarantees the desired performance.  During Session 3, students will practice training others and receive feedback on their work.

Forklift Operator Training

OSHA requirements for forklift operator training are intended to reduce the number of operator injuries and deaths that occur as a result of inadequate operator training.  This three-hour program will assure that forklift operators are properly trained and safety conscious.  Classes require a minimum of four attendees.

Other Resources

In addition to the above, we also offer on-site training in the following areas:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Safety Committee Effectiveness
  • Various safety topics including Confined Space Awareness, PPE, Hazardous Materials, and Environmental Safety
  • ESL (English as a second language)
  • SSL (Spanish as a second language)
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service and Telephone Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Addressing Discipline Issues

Some of these services may be offered through UEA Inc., a subsidiary.

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