Labor Law Posters

Are You In Compliance?

You can now purchase all-in-one labor law posters through UEA!

Federal and state law requires that certain posters be displayed where employees can view them. Employers with more than one work location are generally required to display posters at each work site.

Recent legal changes require updated posters. In the event of an audit or inspection, accurate labor law posters matter!

These labor law posters include all mandatory state, federal, and OSHA postings in an all-in-one format.

If you are a UEA Member, you will receive a $10 discount per item. Make sure you sign in to get the discount!

Compliance is convenient and inexpensive!

All posters are in full color, laminated front and back, and measure 25” by 39.” You have your choice of the following posters in English or Spanish:

  • Oregon/federal combined poster - $44.00
  • Washington/federal combined poster - $44.00
  • Oregon only - $30.00
  • Washington only - $30.00
  • Federal only - $25.00

Also available – Compliance Protection Plan!

The Compliance Protection Plan allows companies to pay a one-time fee that will ensure compliance for a period of 12, 24, or 36 months at a time. You will receive the appropriate all-in-one poster for your state, and an updated poster will be automatically mailed to you whenever the laws are changed or revised.

  • 1-Year Plan - $74.00
  • 2-Year Plan - $94.00
  • 3-Year Plan - $114.00


All prices include shipping and handling. UEA Members receive a $10 discount per item.

Oregon Labor Law Posters

Oregon Labor Law Poster 1

Washington Labor Law Posters

Oregon Labot Law Poster 1

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